Index Page – Logged In

This is the index page when the user is logged in. Everything is the same apart from the the sign up page is obviously removed and the other features are in the navigation bar such as the profile tab, find a match tab and finally the logout button which are all included within the dropdown […]

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Index Page (Logged Out)

Index and Header Code This is the index page when the user has not logged in. The design is very simple but straight to the point. The jumbotron template is used. The heading welcomes the user as well as a paragraph below describing the site. The sign up details get the user to fill out […]

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For our website we used Bootstrap for the framework of our website. Boostrap gives you a template to work with and a main theme which we used called “Jumbotron”. Jumbotron was chosen because of the elegant but simple nature of the theme and creates an appealing user experience. Bootstrap defines itself as “Bootstrap is the […]

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In this workshop we looked at jQuery which is a cross platform javascript library. We used the function .toggleclass where we created a box which when clicked it changed colour, if then clicked again it would change back to the original colour. This is a useful aspect to have learnt, it could be used in a […]

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Parallax Workshop

Within this workshop we learnt about how to use a parallax within a website page. Below is a video of the parallax in effect. The parallax function is very aesthetically pleasing and I believe has a wide range of use within a website, it creates a more creative and dynamic aspect to a website.

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Dating Website Research

After deciding upon creating a dating website I decided to do some research into dating websites such as,, and Throughout signing up and “using” the websites I was able to distinguish key features that we would need to include within our website. Our Website – BUSingles After looking through the top […]

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