Design of Website – Wireframe

Name and Colour Scheme

The first stage of the design of our website was to decide upon the name of the name which would sum up our website as a whole. Initially, we came up with three different names which were BUSingles, UniDate and You&I. We decided to use the BUSingles name as it immediately tells the user that this dating website is for Bournemouth students and singles connotes it is a matchmaking site for single students. For the colour scheme we discussed using the Bournemouth University colour scheme which is predominately black, orange and pink. However, after some thought the colours red and black were chosen because of the bold contrast they create as well as research showing that the use of the colour red connotes love which is essential towards our website.

Design Wireframe

The below was designed to give us a principle design of what we wanted the website to look like. A wireframe for each page was created to base our actual design around.

Index Page (Logged Out)


Index Page (Logged In)


About Us Page


Profile Page


Find Match Page



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