Dating Website Research

After deciding upon creating a dating website I decided to do some research into dating websites such as,, and Throughout signing up and “using” the websites I was able to distinguish key features that we would need to include within our website.

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Our Website – BUSingles

After looking through the top dating websites I was able to distinguish key features that all the major dating websites include on their site. The index page is very easy to navigate and provides a very clear sign up page so users can easily and quickly sign up and join the website. As well as this on nearly all the sites images of happy couples are shown to connote that the website is successful at creating couples and therefore will help you find your partner. This will definitely be used within our website because of the effective message it provides. The navigation bar on the website is also one of the most crucial part of the website. The basic design of having home buttons etc will be used on a horizontal navigation bar as this is the most common design as well as most effective, users are used to this type of design so following this will provide an easier experience. Finally, on the navigation bar a logo is used for the website in the top right corner to promote the website and the brand. Another common theme within these websites is the use of the colour red, I believe this is used due to the colour red normally being associated with love or affection, the website is constantly promoting the image of finding love on the website.

Within the website itself, once the user has signed in they are taken to their profile. This includes uploading a photo and writing a bio as well as answering some question such as height, favourite sport etc. These are key themes within all dating websites and help the user to find a match quicker and easier. The font used within the websites are consistent throughout and are very easy on the eyes. The font used is visually appealing which makes the whole experience more enjoyable.  The experience the dating websites provide is one of quick and simple navigation to find your match as quick as possible. This is what draws the user in because of how easy it is to use and therefore keeps them using the website.

Overall, research into these websites has provided a knowledge of what makes a successful dating website. The two major points I have found is that the website should always be promoting the image of happy couples through imagery and colour. As well as this the website needs to have an appealing and relaxed feel as well as a simplistic and user friendly navigation, which keeps the consumer using the website.,2015. Available from: [Accessed 3/30/2015], 2015. Available from: [Accessed 3/30/2015], 2015. Available from: [Accessed 3/30/2015], 2015. Available from:  [Accessed 3/30/2015]


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