Meet The Team

The Team 

Callum Carmichael


My name is Callum Carmichael. I love creating new things from scratch such as graphic posters, visual effects and have a passion for photography. I also now rather enjoy the side of coding because at times I have found it rather frustrating navigating websites and now have the opportunity to create my own. My other hobbies include football, music, DJing and skateboarding. I also try to travel at any opportunity I get.

Tessa Waldock


My name is Tessa, I do Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University and am currently learning how to use PHP to connect to a mysql database. This project has proven to be a challenge but I am enjoying it, though I prefer doing the design side of designing a website. I am also interested in gaming and I like long walks on the beach with Callum Carmichael.

Michael Horbacki


My name is Michael Horbacki. I live in London originally and study digital media design.  I like football and support Liverpool as well as Millwall. I play football every so often but not for a team at the moment. I also like to play rugby.

The Team Design Plan

During the team discussion we decided that we wanted to create a dating website solely dedicated to Bournemouth students. We wanted to create a clear and easily navigable website where students could match each other based on certain interests, appearance and gender which would hopefully then lead into a date or meeting. Furthermore, we have a wiki page so that over easter we can easily share files with each other and continue working on the project


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