Task Two – Temporal Expressions Research and Final


David Hockney – Joiner Imagery: The first person I researched into was David Hockney and his joiner imagery. David Hockney is a very famous artist although he is also well know for his photo collages or “joiners”. The basic principle of a joiner image is taking close up images from different perspectives and points in time. These images are then put together or “joined” like a collage to create a final image. It has a very strong link with Cubism and gives an abstract form within photography. Below are a few of Hockney’s joiner images.

david hockney 1 david hockney 2david hockney 3

I found this joiner image style very intriguing and powerful in its use of engaging the audience into the image through its abstract and cubism links. This new style of photography opened up wide possibilities and gave the audience a more challenging but exciting image to view.

Long Exposure and Short Exposure: I also researched the creative techniques within photography of using long and short exposure to enhance or capture certain images.

Long exposure photography is usually created by setting a long duration shutter speed and having the camera stationary. This in turn means that the object that is being photographed is blurred which is why this type of photography is mainly used at night to create lights streaks such as stars or cars moving.

star-trails-over-the-australian-outback-04 long shutter speed 1

Short Exposure photography is usually created by setting a very quick shutter speed in order to freeze the element you are trying to capture. This type of photography is mainly used in capturing sports such as car racing because the shutter speed is so quick it creates a clear image of a fast moving object.

Splash! fast exposure 2

Parallax 2.5D: The Parallax 2.5D effect is something that I found very interesting. This effect creates motion from an image, in turn bringing the image to life. This is done through photoshop and after effects by creating layers and then animating them within after effects. Below is an example and tutorial which I followed to later create my Parallax effect.


Joiner Imagery: 

Ella Joiner Image 1st Attempt mum photoshop

Long Exposure:

Light Trails Slow Shutter

Short Exposure:

Lighter Freeze Water Splash Fast Motion

Parallax 2.5D:


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