Task Three – Animation Research and Final


Animation was a really exciting topic to do research upon because there is such a variety of style within animation and endless possibilities. Animation is the process of creating motion from pictures and thus creating a story out of this motion. There are three main types of animation and these are traditional animation, stop motion animation and digital animation. Traditional animation involves drawings that were placed onto a zoopraxiscope. Stop motion animation is created physically by using models or real world objects and taking photos of these whilst slowly moving them. These images are then played in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of motion, a great example of this is Wallace and Gromit. Finally digital animation is done within a computer either in 2D (Lion King) or 3D (Madagascar).

3d animation animation 1

I researched a variety of videos for stop motion but found this one particular video that was extremely creative through the use of a human being the stop motion model – whereas still life objects are normally used. I wanted to base my stop motion video around this and show an average humans day cycle through stop motion.


I was also shown within one of our seminars the use of lines and shapes within animation to create emotion and feeling towards music. This can be seen within Oskar Fischinger and Norman McLaren’s work and I wanted to experiment within after effects to create something similar.

Animation Final

Within this animation I used 24 images created within photoshop and then converted into a gif programme so it would create the animation effect. However, after my first attempt I believe there was a better method and I imported the images into after effects and create the same animation, although by using markers and key frames I was able to create a much more fluid animation.

Stop Motion Final

For my stop motion piece I wanted to create a cycle of somebody’s day. For this I asked my sister to name five things she does throughout her normal day beginning with waking up and ending with falling asleep. I then photographed her slowly moving and doing each activity, adding some sound effects to make it more interesting


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