Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality basically means that all Internet service providers (ISP’s) as well as governments should treat all data on the Internet equally. This would mean that they cannot differentiate between networks and thus would have to transport all data in exactly the same way. It means that only one single fee would be paid for […]

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The stylesheet is all worked within css which allows us to control the design of the website. We used the font “Georgia” as it was an appealing design. We kept the navbar as inverse due to wanting a solid header and the black colour to make the logo design stand out. Other features such as […]

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Profile Page

For the profile page we created quite a simplistic look. It featured all the details a user would want displayed as well as an avatar in which the user could upload a photo. Unfortunately, we could not get the upload system to work although it had been coded the system was not working. As well […]

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Find a Match Page

The find a match page is a way in which users can search for their perfect partner. The page gives the user different options such as hair colour etc so they can narrow down their search to what they are specifically looking for. The information is within a form which allows the user to select […]

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About Us Page

The about us page was very simplistic and one of the first features created. We used jumbotron consistently and had a brief heading and paragraph to introduce what this page was about. We then just simply had a heading, added in individual images of ourselves and wrote a paragraph below to describe ourselves. Below is […]

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